Friday, August 14, 2009

Moo! Moo! Porter is TWO!

Wow! It's so hard to believe that our little Porter is 2 already! He is growing into such a cute little man and amazes us every day with the things he learns- He is quite the talker lately and its so cute to hear his little sentences.

He started off the party by finding Grandma's bag of Marshmellow's in the Kitchen and carried them around while we set up..

We had a cow theme for his birthday complete with cow cups silverware and tablecloth.. I only remembered to get a picture of the sign.....

He got so many fun things for his Birthday that he had a hard time going to the next present because he kept wanting to play with the one he had just opened.
The cake..... It turned out cute but I was NOT thrilled- I had ordered a cake with the "Little People" toy farm animals on top so that he could add them to his little people collection- They were out of that set and rather than call and tell me so that I could get it somewhere else they went ahead and decided to decorate a different farm cake. Oh well- at least it tasted good!
Porter was to busy having fun to stop and eat the Yummy Navajo taco's we had but he did manage to grab a few bites of cake (sitting on his new toy of course)
Porter is very lucky to have his cousins Kamden and Karson live so close and the three are quite good buds- After dinner they played and played right up until the second it was time to go home.
They played in the pool- I'm not sure that they actually swam.... They mostly jumped in and out.
Followed of course by the inevitable water fight.... Grandma was a great sport to let the kids get her.
Driving around
Climbing on the Jungle Gym
I still have a hard time believing Porter can make
it all the way to the top by himself then he drops
himself down in the middle and does it all over again!

What a fun evening- Thanks so much to everyone who helped and came!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Day in the Life...

My SIL just put up a way cute post of what a day in the life of a mom at her house is like. It reminded me of this way cute song by Hillary Weeks that I just had to share.