Monday, December 28, 2009

Halloween 2009

Ok people you can all quit laughing at me now. Yes I realize that these are Halloween pictures and that it is almost January. My goal for the new year is to do a better job of documenting all the fun happenings of our little family so I thought that it was only right that I try and do a little of catching up.....

Porter was the cutest little Lion for Halloween. He would Rrrrrar really loud and say trick or treat until that is we actually went trick or treating.... We went trick or treating at Dad's office, to Grandma and Grandpa Jensens, Grandma Farrar's, Nanna and Pa's, then the trunk or treat at the church not a lot of stops but Porter still managed to make quite the sugar haul!

This last picture cracks me up, I told Porter to show me what a scary lion looks like but I am pretty sure that he heard 'scared' lion instead.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Moo! Moo! Porter is TWO!

Wow! It's so hard to believe that our little Porter is 2 already! He is growing into such a cute little man and amazes us every day with the things he learns- He is quite the talker lately and its so cute to hear his little sentences.

He started off the party by finding Grandma's bag of Marshmellow's in the Kitchen and carried them around while we set up..

We had a cow theme for his birthday complete with cow cups silverware and tablecloth.. I only remembered to get a picture of the sign.....

He got so many fun things for his Birthday that he had a hard time going to the next present because he kept wanting to play with the one he had just opened.
The cake..... It turned out cute but I was NOT thrilled- I had ordered a cake with the "Little People" toy farm animals on top so that he could add them to his little people collection- They were out of that set and rather than call and tell me so that I could get it somewhere else they went ahead and decided to decorate a different farm cake. Oh well- at least it tasted good!
Porter was to busy having fun to stop and eat the Yummy Navajo taco's we had but he did manage to grab a few bites of cake (sitting on his new toy of course)
Porter is very lucky to have his cousins Kamden and Karson live so close and the three are quite good buds- After dinner they played and played right up until the second it was time to go home.
They played in the pool- I'm not sure that they actually swam.... They mostly jumped in and out.
Followed of course by the inevitable water fight.... Grandma was a great sport to let the kids get her.
Driving around
Climbing on the Jungle Gym
I still have a hard time believing Porter can make
it all the way to the top by himself then he drops
himself down in the middle and does it all over again!

What a fun evening- Thanks so much to everyone who helped and came!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Day in the Life...

My SIL just put up a way cute post of what a day in the life of a mom at her house is like. It reminded me of this way cute song by Hillary Weeks that I just had to share.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Enjoying every second

I love how Porter enjoys every second of things be it watching the dog fetch a stick in the canal, licking the beaters or chasing around the cats. No doubt about it that kid lives life to the fullest!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

4 Wheelin' Fanatic

Porter has turned into quite the 4-Wheeler Fan- One Memorial day he kept wanting to go go go. A couple of different times he even fell asleep while riding. Since we came home he often asks to go for "ride" and almost every time I am out with him in the yard he wanders over the the 4-wheeler shed and climbs on and pretends he's driving.

One day out in the yard I was using the 4-wheeler to haul some dead tree branches to the burn pile- In between loading and unloading I was letting him sit and pretend to drive- I'm unloading the limbs (fortunately only an arm's length away) and he proceeds to turn the key, AND push the start button AND try to put it in gear which luckily he didn't manage to. What a little smarty pants- I guess that he had watched us start it enough times that he'd just figured it out. Needless to say he still gets to sit on it but we do NOT leave the keys in the ignition....

Monday, June 15, 2009


A few weeks ago we hopped in the truck with Uncle Scott and a friend and went down to the river to fish. Well.... They fished Porter walked around checking everything out, threw sticks in the river, and enjoyed snacks. Mom was busy trying to keep Porter from falling in the river and taking pictures of course!

No one caught anything... but we still all had fun.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Pictures

Before Austin's graduation we were finally able to get a family picture taken- We ended up having Austin's friend Nicki take them and even though she's not a professional or anything I think she did pretty good.

Us being a little silly......

My Sis' cute little family....

Mom and Dad

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Austin the Graduate!?!

Wow- I can't believe it but Austin graduated this year- A few weeks and he's off to basic training! Congrats Aust! We'll miss you this summer!

Goodbye SHS, Hello world!

Personally I thought it was my parents
we should have got a picture of jumping
for joy.... 5 down 1 to go!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Books Books and More Books

Before he was born I set a goal that I wanted to teach Porter to love books and reading like I do. I am a firm believer that a children who love reading have a head start in their education. We read together almost every day and go to story time at the library a couple of times a month.

Porter's favorite book right now is "I'm the Biggest thing in the Ocean" which is a definite must read. Porter especially loves to read with Pa who even puts up with him when Porter requests the same story over and over again!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Aren't Uncles Fun- And lucky Porter he has 7 AWESOME UNCLES!!!
We love you Chris, Justin R, Scott, Justin C, Colby, Austin, and Eli!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cream and Bacon

On mother's day I was whipping some cream to go on a cake. I stepped away from the mixer for just a second and Porter managed to launch his toy pig into the bowl. Fortunately the mixer was turned off when it happened. Bacon and Cream.... Definitely a food combination that I wouldn't have thought to try but Porter seemed to like it just fine!

Makeup Mischief

For the most part Porter is a really good little boy and sticks pretty much right by me but one day while I fixed lunch he found my makeup and thought that he should try it out- And yes thanks to my handy shout stain remover it did come out of his shirt!

After I cleaned him up I went to clean off his shirt and came back to find him walking around the kitchen in nothing but a diaper and a pair of my high heels.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Tessa!

Happy Birthday Tessa We Love You!!!

Catch Up

"My Mommy is a BAD BLOGGER!"

Porter is quite into making faces these days- If he's not happy with you, you know it! I have been a very bad blogger lately but bear with me as I try and catch up over the next few days.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yard Work

This past week we have been spending a lot of time out in the yard expanding our garden, getting flower beds ready and cleaning up massive piles of "pokies" as the neighbor kids call the unreal amount of fallen pine needles. I love having a big yard (two acres) but it is a lot to take care of- I am very lucky to have such a sweet husband who does most of the yard work.

Porter of course loves has loved every second of being outside and even tries to help. Today I was hauling sod with the four-wheeler and he kept trying to drive for me-

Lately the neighbor kids Miss B who is almost 8 and Mr. T who is 5 come over when they see us out in the yard. Porter loves their visits and is always sad when they go. Even though they are older they do a wonderful job of playing with him-

Today they played with Porter while I was raking and hauling off pine needles. When Miss B found out I was hauling off the pine cones too she couldn't believe that I was getting rid of them then she proceeded to come up with a list of great ideas of how to use them for crafty type things- including my personal favorite a pine cone lamp lol! (She's a creative one) After that they took Porter around the yard and collected "baby pine cones" to take home- it was so cute!

Speaking of Cute here's the little guy helping out

Friday, April 17, 2009

Big Changes......

Sometimes it's hard for mommy to realize it but Porter is really growing up- I love to watch him learn and grow but sometimes I wonder who took my sweet little baby and traded him off for this rambunctious silly little tornado of a toddler?

As of today he has been officially done with nursing for two whole weeks and down to one nap a day- The next big step we are working on is getting him to sleep in his own bed and last Saturday we took a BIG step in that direction.

Bye Bye Crib.....

Hello Big Boy Bed!

It is hard to tell in the picture but his new bed is shaped like a car and Porter loves it! I think his favorite part is that he can climb in and out all on his own and put as many toys as he likes in it. We still haven't gotten him to actually sleep in it although he thinks it's fun to "pretend" sleep in when he is playing. One day at a time!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009 Part 2

Sunday Porter got to wear his new Easter outfit to church. He was a bit tired when we got home but mom and dad were anxious to give him his Easter Basket. He loved his automatic bubble gun which took him less than 5 minutes to empty and of course M&M's!!

Mmmmm & Mmmmmm's

Enough Pictures already Mom!

Daddy taught Porter to fold his arms and
Porter is very good at it!

What a handsome little man!

We went to Grandma & Grandpa J's after church for dinner and croquet.
This pic cracks me up he is way into making faces lately

Gardening tools from Grandma and Grandpa
Just in time for our garden!