Thursday, February 19, 2009

Porter meets baby Layla

Aunt Roxanna, Uncle Justin and the girls made an unexpected visit up this week for his Grandma's funeral (we are sorry for you lost Justin) but it gave us the wonderful opportunity to meet baby Layla two weeks earlier than we would have otherwise!!!!

Porter was very enthralled with Layla (or so I hear- I was off teaching a blogging class but that's another story....) He wanted to hold her- Not just once but pretty much off and on the entire night and he wanted her on his lap not just next to him or with his arm around her. Sorry Porter no baby for you just yet!

She was lots of fun to hold and snuggle for awhile but Mommy's not sure she's quite ready for even more sleepless nights than she already get right now.... at least for a little while. Not to mention the fact that she keeps very busy keeping up with Porter (case in point below) Note the RED permanent marker all over his pants and hands...

Porter also had fun playing with Macy although after the incident with the golf club (plastic thankfully) I am not so sure that Macy liked playing with him. What can I say he is all boy.....

Well except for the fact he wanted to sit at grandma's play make up table and blow dry his hair and put on pretend lipstick........

Learning Tower Giveaway!

I know.... This is a family non-advertising blog but there is this great product that I really Really ReAlLy REALLY want! It's called a learning tower and for those of you who are not familiar- essentially a really cool adjustable step stool with guards that keep kids safe from falling-

Porter of course wants to be 100% involved in all the action and it would be so much better than a chair. They are holding lots of giveaways this month with the current one at To think is to Create and I am soooo keeping my fingers crossed- Just a warning though if one of you enter and happen to win... I might be sneaking over to your house to swipe it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Yummy to eat...
Fun to Wear..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Porter and the case of the disappearing pen

Porter is such a helper and today while I was working on valentines he decided to help me organize the pen drawer. I saw him grab what I thought was three pens and beeline for the other room. It took me a minute to remove myself from my project to follow him into the front room where I found him playing with two pens (both clicked closed fortunately) but the third pen was nowhere to be seen.

I looked around for awhile but alas no pen- so I decided I must have mistaken how many he had actually taken. Fast forward two hours and I am changing his sopping wet clothing (another story all together) and tucked safely inside his onesie is the missing pen- The little stinker!

Note to self take handle off of pen drawer!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Outside Fun

No question about it- Porter is an 'outdoor' boy. He loves being outside warm or cold, rain or shine. Yesterday Porter spent a good hour or more outside and probably would have stayed longer if I'd let him.

Porter of course played with Ickles
And was not to thrilled when Ickles
was done playing with him

He had to go down the slide several times

And mom had to have some Photoshop fun
with this cute picture of her little man

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Porter and Ickles

Well it's official (to Porter at least) he has now decided that he is a grown up toddler and too big for his highchair and now wants to eat everything at his little picnic table. I can occasionally manage to wrangle him into the highchair for breakfast (the far messiest meal of the day) but that's about it.....
We have had our share of 'odd' cats in the past and Ickles is right there up with them- He has decided that the nice warm bed of towels that was generously made for him in the garage is not up to his standards and has started sleeping in the dog kennel with Drake in his dog house....

Occasionally we let him inside to play with his buddy Porter. The other day they were a little too quiet and I had to go check- I found them in Porter's room where Porter was throwing crayons at him and the cat loving every second of it attacking them like they were little multi colored wax mice.