Sunday, March 28, 2010

Congrats Tessa & Page

Just a few pics of the weekend...

Tessa & Dad - One of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

The three girls..

Pa, Nanna and their four boys

The Whole Group at the Temple

Kisses for the Bride

Thankfully they never actually fell in....

Porter of course managed to get filthy in the first 5 minutes...
In case you were wondering the suit
was black when he arrived not grey!

The Logan temple was very pretty and we were so happy to be with Page and Tessa on their special day. We're excited to go back in two weeks to do it all over again too with Scott and Annalyn.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Things around here are so busy lately and it's only getting busier- Last Saturday I hosted Tessa's Bridal shower. Monday we left for Las Vegas where we had a great time (pictures to follow). We got home Friday afternoon and lucky us we all woke up sick on Saturday morning- between the three of us we still feel varying degree's of yucky but at least we're all on the mend.

This coming Saturday I'm off to UT for Annalyn's bridal shower (my soon to be SIL) The next Saturday (20th) is the Mule Deer foundation which Aaron is co-chairing this year (I'm ticket chair). Then the following Friday is Tessa and Page's reception (26th) followed Saturday by their wedding. Then comes Easter weekend (a small break) then Scott and Annalyn's wedding the next week (April 10th) and then our week at the condo! If I don't go crazy in all this fun I'll post some pictures.