Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zoo Trip 2010

We had lots of fun with Tessa while she was here visiting last week. We took the four boys to the zoo. Porter had fun for the most part but he did not want me to take the camera out so I only got a few quick shots.

He insisted on doing everything himself (seems to be his thing lately) including the drinking fountain which didn't want to cooperate.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick Get Together and a Family Snapshot

It is amazing how fast time flies... It seems like just yesterday all 6 of the kids in my family were still living at home and now my parents are just down to one. Even though all of us (except Tess) live within 20 min it is hard to get everyone in one place at the same time. With Austin leaving for Iraq next month and Tess and Page moving to ???? Sunday night was our last chance to all be together for at least the next year.

My mom made us a scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner and we snapped a few pictures. With 11 boys who were not into posing and only 4 girls we were lucky to get any decent shots. But we managed to get a few fun ones.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Sunset

It makes me a little sad to think how much of the summer is gone already... My favorite thing about summer is the warm evenings and sunsets like this one Aaron snapped a picture of last week. Oh how I love living in the country!

Hark-O Familia!

(Yes Chelsea I stole your blog title hee hee)

Families are a bit crazy and let me tell you my extended family is no exception. To begin with I should explain that my mother is the youngest of 13 kids and who produced 71 grand kids and hundreds (yes you read that right) of great and great-great grand kids). The tally in attendance was just over 200!

It is funny how much it has changed over the years, when I was little I could name everyone there and now its starting to get hard to keep track of everyone. Looking around I couldn't name a lot of the little kids but I could usually figure out what family they belong to.

The reunion had a Mexican theme (thus the post title) with yummy Mexican food, dancing, clothing and even pinatas! And although not Mexican it wouldn't be a Harker reunion without water activities.

Porter liked the water slide although he didn't seem to when he was being tossed down it (Thanks for the help Uncle Justin and Cousin Gary). He kept wanting to go again and again.

It was hard to get a picture of everyone since there was always so much going on in different places but these to pictures give you a small idea.....

Each family made a pinata - ours made this "H" which won first place! The plastic bats
took for ever to break the pinatas, especially with little tykes like Porter helping out but it was a good thing considering the number of kids who wanted a turn taking a swing at them!

Even some of the adults got in on the pinata action.
My mom got a little crazy attacking the pig....

The race to grab candy was crazy- fortunately there was plenty to go around.

Thanks so much Uncle Ferrin and Family for hosting this years event-
Can't wait to see everybody next year!